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What do you get when you engage several Francophiles with years of experience in travel, retail, marketing and the Internet? Mais Oui!

Based in Portland, OR and in Paris, France, Paris Central was born of a collaboration of seasoned business professionals all with a passion for Paris and a desire to help others enjoy the most beautiful city in the world (in our collective opinion).

As individuals, we found family and friends and even complete strangers were very interested in our personal passion for Paris and depth of knowledge about travel to Paris. People frequently contacted us personally for recommendations on where to go, where to stay, how to find an apartment, where to eat like a real Parisian, etc. We decided we would harness & focus this passion and share it with the world. We also wanted to build a space where other Francophiles (and even real Parisians!) can share their own experiences and opinions about "the City of Lights" with others.

As with any online experience, is an ongoing work in progress. We are constantly working to keep the content fresh and relevant and more importantly, build our Paris Central community by adding new functionality that lets everyone who visits us have the ability to express their opinion, share their story, post their pictures and connect with others. You can learn more about us by reading our Operational Credo.


Are you ready to explore Paris? But you want a little help to make it special? Book a tour through Paris Central. You'll find tours from carriage rides in the Bois de Boulogne to dinners on the Seine to a champagne toast on top of the Eiffel Tower. Visit the beaches (and vineyards) of Normandy on your tour. Or take a romantic tour of the City of Light.

Where to Stay in Paris?

You've been firming up your travel plans, and now you're ready for the truly big decision: Where to stay in Paris? That's a big consideration in a city that had 29 million visitors in 2012. Your task is to find the best place for you. The variety of neighborhoods make choosing the best location to stay in Paris a highly personal decision.

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