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Honeymoon Destinations

Africa - Mozambique
Highlights of Mozambique
Mozambique promises its visitors the simplicity of natural beauty. Boasting soft sand beaches, warm sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean with colorful coral reefs, swaying coconut palms and tropical foliage, this destination will mesmerize you in its breathtaking paradise. Here, you will experience the friendly laid back locals in their vibrant culture of art, dance and music. Sail away to the famous islands of Bazaruto Archipelago and Quirimbas Archipelago. Discover rare untamed wilderness, national parks, reserves and museums or journey to a place of bewilderment on a safari. Mozambique is the perfect destination for the adventurous couple looking for natural perfection!
Destination Weddings in Mozambique
Mozambique will make your destinations wedding dreams come true! Blessed with an array of romantic exotic places to exchange your everlasting vows, Mozambique will enhance every aspect and detail of your special day. Choose from a spectacular safari wedding, a lush game reserve wedding, a luxurious wedding venue, a lavish resort or a breathtaking beach wedding. There are destination wedding packages available and many wedding coordinators available to organize and plan your beloved day. Mozambique is drenched in romance, offering you an intimate and unforgettable destination wedding experience that you will cherish forever!
Mozambique Honeymoons
Mozambique is known for its unspoiled areas boasting enchanting beauty and miles of coastline stretching endlessly towards the horizon. Together you can sit back, relax and indulge in your surroundings while being pampered with a couples massage. Discover the tranquility and rewarding bliss on an exotic island. Enjoy each other while exploring your lush surroundings. Savor enticing flavors while having an intimate honeymoon dinner at a lodge. Share special moments while watching the sun sink below the sparkling Indian Ocean. Sit back and relax in a hammock while making a toast to your new lives together. Mozambique is pure, pristine and is the perfect honeymoon destination!
Weather & Climate
Mozambique's weather and climate does vary, depending what region you are staying in. Mozambique's inland areas experience cooler and more humid weather than the coastal regions do in the rainy season. Winter starts in April and ends in September but is the best time to visit because winter is the dry season. Rain comes in the summer months, starting in October and ending in March.
Facts for the Bride & Groom
Time Zone: The time zone of Mozambique is UTC/GMT +2 hours and daylight savings is not observed.
Language: Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique.
Currency: New Metical is the official currency of Mozambique. South African Rand, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling are also accepted to pay for accommodation in the southern regions. Credit cards are accepted in some hotels but other facilities who accept credit cards is limited. ATM's are also extremely limited and tend to be unreliable but local banks have branches in most cities. Please carry cash or travelers checks.
Entry Requirements: United States citizens are required to have a valid passport and visa in order to visit Mozambique.