My Father, just out of the Navy, and my Mother, a cramming law student, met at a Soda Fountain Shoppe in the 1950's in La Jolla. He had told me he looked up and saw her there studying, but my father being rambunctious, to him it was just so stressing and boring watching such a lovely girl sit there glued to her books. He went up to her and offered to buy her a milk shake. She accepted and ever since then, they couldn't keep their eyes off of eachother! 50 beautiful years later, they are still happily married to this very day!

Karen and Arne devoted their lives to eachother on May 12, 1959 and 50 years later, they are still giving their hearts to one another. Come join the Anniversary Celebration Of 50 Years Of Love!

The Anniversary Party will be held on the beach in La Jolla, the place where George and Thelma fell in love. Only bring yourself, smiling faces and happy hearts in the celebration of 50 Years Of Love and Commitment!

For those of you traveling from afar for Karen and Arne's Special Anniversary, I have arranged special hotel accommodations and travel arrangements for you. Please give me a call !

My parents have given me the inspiration to love and always live with your heart for all eternity. I want them to have a Surpirse Anniversary Trip - one that will surpass their wildest dreams ! Your anniversary gift from this site will truly be cherised. Thank you for joining us in this very special occasion.

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